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feet… July 16, 2009

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Today at work I had training for a new program that will allow me to get stuff done a lot faster.  That is awesome!  Now let me tell you what is not awesome.  My training consisted of a computer program.  The man who trained me had me run through the program on my own while he watched to see if I had understood everything correctly.  Let me just say that this guy is a great guy and relly helpful.  Anyhow, as I sat at the computer he sat right behind me kind of overseeing what I did.  I notice that he grabs something from his desk drawer, but I am not that concerned because I am typing away like mad and completely focused on what is really a very mind-numbing task.  I just keep on typing.  I notice he shifts slighlty in his chair.  Okay, I must also mention that his chair was somewhat to the left of me and he was sitting fairly close.  I didn’t necessarily feel uncomfortable…at least not at first.  Then I notice he shifts again and props his leg up.  Suddenly there is this horrid clipping noise.  I glance just slightly to see.  His foot happens to be almost touching my leg.  He is wearing sandles; chacos to be exact.  I catch a glimpse of his nasty toes.  Let’s hope I didn’t make too much of a disgusted look as I realize the man is clipping his nasty toe nails right next to me in the middle of his office!  Who does that?!  And guess what else??!!  Well I will tell you!  He decides to clean them too!  He is picking away at his feet only inches away from me! What?!  I sit there in complete awe.  What – is he sculpting them?!  I am thinking, “Here, let me hand you over some more foot-picking tools –  that I also just keep in my desk drawer at work –  and I can help you carve away! I mean, obviously, I spend most days at work wondering at what time I should clip my toe nails.  Sometimes I even invite other people to watch.  And if they are lucky, I let them join in!  Really, it was rather rude that he didn’t even ask my help.  What has the world come to!  Does no one pick, clean, gnaw at, and carve their toe nails in the office these days?!  Honestly.  I am so ashamed.  What has the world come to.


Another Attempt… May 27, 2009

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I actually started some other blog awhile back, and nothing ever came of it (pretty much a typical “me thing to do”).  I have this tendency to begin things and not finish them…well I suppose that depends.  I simply finish what I am interested in.  If something has lost my interest – chau!!  And, yes, you could probably apply that to all aspects of my life…hmmm.  You can make whatever assumptions you desire on that comment.

Anyhow, this is my second attempt to blogging.  My last blog, artistically, was nothing of the sort.  It was dull and rather gruesome.  I feel this blog is much prettier and, therefore, a lot more worthwhile.  Life is much better when there are better things to look at.  You cannot make whatever assumption you desire on that comment.  Thus, I find this blog to be a lot more pleasing; which, may mean that I actually take the time to write something.  We’ll see. 

For now, here is the update:  I am living in Logan, Utah.  Don’t mock me.  I know I never said anyone could ever drag my sorry butt to Utah with all those Utah people and their Utah ways, but I gave into the one individual that could: the Lord.  Yes, He answered my prayers and sent me exactly where I need to be.  I adore Logan!  It is true!  But let’s consider that it is also only about twenty minutes from the Idaho border.  Basically, it has a little bit of Idaho mixed into it and that is why it is absolutely wonderful!  Plus, it is like the pretty version of my little Firth town.  What more could I want?  It is quaint like home with all the added features of windy canyons and green topped trees.   I’ve even found small plots of land that will fit a wooden framed home where I can place my mahogany bookshelf and read in silence.  Yup.  I want to stay here for a long while.  I am completely content.  Just ask Saneesha and Freckles.  What do I say everyday?  I say, “Oh it is so beautiful! I am going to live here for the rest of my life!”  Honestly, I don’t think I have been as happy as I am now at any other point in my life.  Of course, I have generally been a happy person, but I think I have found some part of life that was not apparent to me beforehand.